Proposed Idea For A Reality Show

Title: "Heart Transplant" (or, possibly, "Boning for Marrow")Cast: A handsome man of stunning athleticism and below-average intellect, age 29ish; a dozen or so physically attractive but culturally unaware women aged 25-31 Logline: One lucky bachelor searches for true love in a flock of beautiful women, but there's more to these ladies than meets the eye. Synopsis: The show would follow a pretty typical format for arena-dating programs: group dates, one-on-one time, quizzes about a woman's favorite puppy, etc. But the twist is that each of these women has a terminal illness, a fact that isn't revealed to the bachelor in question until he makes his final choice, eliminating all but the tanned and vapid creature with whom he plans to carve out a short-term relationship based on sex and shared interest in wine. The woman who wins will receive money for medical care and treatment of her disease, while the rest of the women will have to make do on insurance or whatever. At the end of the series, the 11 losers will be arranged before the bachelor, who will then have to apologize to each one for unwillingly condemning them to possibly dying sooner than they'd have liked. The host, an affable Ralph Garman type, will intro the women with something like, "You all remember Jenny, who as it turns out as cystic fibrosis." The bachelor's complicity in the dark fate of the women would eventually lead to his own depression, making for a sad follow-up/reunion show in which it is revealed that he and the winning bachelorette wed five months after the show but divorced a year later. So, NBC, I'm ready when you are.