Dirty Pickup Lines And Assorted Frat-ish Sexual Innuendos That Only Make Sense If You Went To My College

• Let's go to that new place, Reservations Only ... in my pants.• You got more ass than Walling Lecture Hall. • You've f**ked more Siggies than Stafford loans. • You've trimmed more bush than Physical Resources. • You've seen more boobs than all those bastard DT babies. • Baby, you get my Cafe all Hardwood. • Do you wanna join my Spring Break Campaign and help me explore missionary positions? • Hey, I've got a Tower of Light for you ... in my pants. Yeah, I said it again. • I spent all night showing her my Sing Song face. • She went down faster than a Kojie trying to earn a Sub-T sweatshirt. [I think it's safe to say that my honorary doctorate will probably be delayed a bit now, and the Gutenberg thing doesn't exactly seem likely, either.]