Summertime Verse

Oh Purple Jenny!Always lying by the pool in your purple two-piece. That's how we named you. Sure, the pool isn't always clean or even safe. And no one knows what to do about the algae. We've checked. But that doesn't stop you from dragging out the big white plastic chair and getting some sun. Stretched out, baking, swimming in the valley's own heat. And then halfway through you flip over and untie your top and just lie there. Thanks for that. Oh Purple Jenny! Why do you live in our apartment complex of elderly citizens? Do you have a cat? Or are you just cheap like us? The only other younger people I've seen here are the Armenian family. Jenny, you're not Armenian. Oh Purple Jenny! What do you do all day? Sometimes you're out there at like 2 p.m. on a Friday. Don't you work? I don't work Fridays. Maybe you're a barista, or another waitress waiting to be discovered. Not exactly novel, but then, that's L.A. Oh Purple Jenny! Where are you from? I guess it doesn't matter. Enjoy the pool. P.S. My roommate thinks you're hot.