A Stunning Confluence

So, there's a near-constant stream of snacks flowing through my office, and today one of the guys in another department brought in some peaches, and cut up some and gave them to my department on a plate. Free fruit is always appreciated.The new guy in my department saunters up to the plate. He's a nice guy, but probably the ditziest man I have ever met; it's like a gay Ken doll come to life. Anyway, he grabs a peach and takes a bite and says, "These are good." And in the instant that he does that, I see Chris Farley dressed as one of the Gap Girls, saying the exact same thing with the exact same inflection. It happens around the 0:12 mark: I was floored by the fact that the new guy is so gay he sounds like Farley in drag, and went half-crazy with excitement about my discovery. I shared what I'd found with a coworker, and she completely agreed. So, that's the new guy.