In Which My Sister Dangerously Encourages Me To Act Out My Weirdest Fantasies: An Online Transcript

me: GTHM1 just walked byi would read the entire book of first nephi for her i would wear black slacks and avoid all carbonated drinks just for her i would bike from door to door in a poor attempt to convert people just for GTHM Sis: wow isn't GTHM taken? me: by a skinny hip rock star, yes but is he willing to wear the chafing underwear? will he make the yearly pilgrimage to salt lake? because i will I WILL Sis: haha tell her that me: i will Sis: and then launch into "Take My Breath Away" me: watching in slow motion as you turn to me and saaaaaaaaay love... TAKE MY BREATH AWAAAAAAAAAAAY i will do it today's the day i let berlin do my talking for me Sis: what a glorious day
1. GTHM is the colloquialism I have bestowed on a female coworker, Gā€”ā€”, who is a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and so cute I could puke. You can assemble the acronym yourself.