Assistant District Attorneys On "Law & Order" In Ascending Order Of Hotness

6. Carey Lowelllowell1.jpg Which one is the man? I don't know. Lowell was a decent actress but a decade ahead of the "Law & Order" habit of assigning slightly more manly women to the D.A.'s office. 5. Jill Hennessy hennessy1.jpg A victim of unfortunate period-style hair. Yeesh. 4. Annie Parisse parisse1.jpg I have no idea who this is, or why she looks constipated, but she's cute. 3. Alana De La Garza garza1.jpg Again, I have no idea who this is. I believe she's McCoy's newest recruit. Her orange shirt seems to be gesturing angrily at McCoy, who I'm starting to believe doesn't even read resumes of these people, just hires the ones he finds attractive. Smart man. Maybe I'll buy some of his robot insurance after all. 2. Elizabeth Rohm rohm1.jpg Of the multitude of interchangeable blondes that have walked the "Law & Order" halls, Rohm was the best. 1. Angie Harmon harmon1.jpg Harmon wins for a variety of reasons, not least of which is her accent, still Dallasy and twangy and all kinds of awesome. Southern accents are kryptonite to men from Texas. Sure, her appearance in Lawn Dogs didn't go unnoticed by some of us when we were in high school, but she's even hotter in a power suit, squeezing some punk at Riker's for info. (But I couldn't find a good shot of her in character, so you'll have to make do with the one above.) Angie, if you're ever in the Valley, give me a call, or just make that chung-chung noise, and I'll be there.