In Which My Sister Reveals To Me Universal Truths About Mormons: An Online Transcript

me: so, mitt romney: very creepy or just regular creepy?Sis: very creepy me: hmm i was gonna just go with "regular creepy" explain Sis: he's a robot robots = very creepy the end me: well, when you're right, you're right follow-up: are all mormons robots, or just ones as high-profile as romney? Sis: hmm, that's a tricky one while i do believe they are genetically mutated beings (guess what the secret underwear is hiding!), i don't think they're all robots. If they were, they likely would have been more persuasive in converting the non-robots who just want to watch TV in their home without having a pimply-faced 17-year-old in a tie and bike helmet hand them a tract after dinner. Romney is clearly good at fooling people (frakking toasters!), so he's clearly a robot. me: good point so, did the regular mutant mormons build the robot mormons? or did the robot mormons create a special mutated kind of human mormon? i only ask because you seem well-versed in their history Sis: how perceptive you are! you're right on both counts Sis: the regular mutant mormons built robot mormons when their numbers were dwindling -- that whole polygamy thing backfired -- and in turn, those robot mormons used their impressive corporate connections (romney) to breed special mutated robot-human mormons. how else can you explain romney leading the iowa polls? it's just not humanly possible for a mormon to be that accepted by the whitest state in the union. the key word being human. he's got tricks up his sleeves, that robot-human. me: i had no idea Sis: sadly, few do