I Still Have Too Many Thoughts

• So, at the end of You've Got Mail, Tom Hanks seems to have a pretty good time engineering his eventual coming together with Meg Ryan, since he knows she's the one he's been emailing and IMing all this time. She, however, doesn't know he's the one she's been communicating with, making the whole thing a little weird and one-sided. In the final scene, she's supposed to meet her online mystery man, only here comes Hanks, and birds are singing, and roses are blooming, and blah blah blah. She gets a little misty and says, "I wanted it to be you." This presents a few problems: (1) She's apparently OK with moving on from the online guy, who she still thinks is someone else, which makes me feel sorry for him, even though he's Hanks, and Hanks just cuckolded a digital version of himself. (2) Hanks will eventually have to come clean about his manipulation, right? Like, 15 minutes later, once the credits have already rolled, they'll probably be tired of sharing an awkward closed-mouth kiss in the middle of the park and decide to talk, and she'll say how glad she is to be in love with him but how bad she feels about screwing over the online guy, at which point Hanks will pretty much have to admit that he's known for a while now that they were communicating online, after which she'll feel violated and weirded out, and a little put off that this amazing man wasn't above rigging the game a little (which is a smart move, but risky, since it would eventually lead to the park bench DTR). I'm just saying, it's a sweet movie, and the end isn't half bad, but there's a fight just around the corner.• Returning briefly to Back to the Future: Part III, why the hell are Marty and the Doc so scared when they find Doc's tombstone in 1955? He was already an older man when he was transported back to 1885; did they really expect him to never die? He'd be almost 150 years old by 1955. Come on, guys. That's stupid.