An Actual Conversation Between Me And My Boss

Boss: Hey, Dan, are you a basketball person?Me: Not really, no. Boss: Are you a sports person? Me: Only vaguely. Boss: Oh. Me: Why, do you have tickets or something? Boss: No, I'm just reading this story here, and the writer references the NBA All-Star Games, plural. Me: Yeah, that should be singular. Boss: Yeah, that's what I thought. Me: [Brief pause to check Wikipedia, even though I know I'm right, but still live in paranoid fear of being mocked like I was in middle school for not knowing such manly things.] Yeah, there's just one a year. Boss: Ah. I didn't know if they had them for separate conferences or something. Me: Doesn't seem so. Boss: Or I figured they might be segregated. Me: [Stunned silence.]