Let's Refrain From Jokes About A Phoenix Rising: An (Even Geekier Than Usual, Which Is Saying Something) Online Transcript

Rob: is it just me, or is ginny book-hot?me: yeah, she is. if she gets hurt, i'm gonna be upset Rob: what's weird is how un-hot she is in the movie(s) they're going to have to do a hell of a makeup job to make that work or re-cast i'm thinking isla fisher me: haha i can't remember what the girl who plays her looks like but isla fisher would be great Rob: let me help you out [sends this link] not hot and that's a freakin headshot aka "this is the best you get" me: aw Rob: i mean, she's okay looking but the character is supposed to be hot me: [sends this link] she looks a little better there older, anyway but also hidden Rob: yes and i disagree, she does not look hotter there me: haha Rob: we have that one-sheet in our office i think she's going to have a lot of bang action going on to hide her face and it's not going to work me: i think it can work Rob: sure for british standards she's hot. she has all her teeth and they're pointing in the right direction that equals jessica alba in britain me: true Rob: i just think book ginny is hotter than movie ginny have i given this too much thought? probably am i a big nerd for instigating this conversation? definitely me: no she's book-hot you're right on that one Rob: and book ginny can do amazing things w/ her tongue movie ginny — it just lays there like a limp slug in her mouth me: what the Rob: er me: you should know i plan to publish this conversation Rob: that's okay. (you know it's true about book ginny)