My Geeky, Inebriated Weekend

• I won't lie to you: I regularly go to the comic book store, and am proud of myself if I can walk out without having spent more than $20. This, I realize, is a bad habit in all sorts of ways, both in terms of financial responsibility and sexual-obstacle-building, but I've come to accept it, and so should you.• But I went to Golden Apple on Friday because Patton Oswalt and Thomas Lennon were there with some other writers and artists signing a "Treehouse of Horror" comic they'd worked on. I've never read a "Simpsons" comic, and doubt I will again, but the opportunity to meet Oswalt and Lennon, and to have Oswalt sign my copy of Werewolves and Lollipops, was too great to pass up. oswalt-lennon.jpg • I also spent Saturday evening at Dimples, performing some karaoke and helping a friend ring in a new year. More photos are available here, but two things are probably worth mentioning: (a) Under the influence, I sing with no small amount of twang. My rendition of "Fire Escape" was almost a country pop song. [Picture redacted for the greater good, namely the interest of preserving my parents' delusion that I'm a good, or at least reasonably well-behaved, person.] (b) Trishelle was there. We all knew it, and we all talked about it. My roommate, attempting to take a picture of me on stage, accidentally snapped a picture of her when she walked in front of the camera. trish1.jpg