Makeup, Tech Support, And Coming Of Age: An Online Transcript

me: i just tried to fix the printer for the new woman who [job description redacted so my ass doesn't get fired]she's cute and she had that girl smell what the hell is that smell Sis: a girl smell? a mixture of shampoo and perfume and cleanliness me: no, it's more than those 3 things has to be Sis: well i don't know i don't know if i have a smell me: because i wash my hair, stay clean, and wear a pleasing cologne, and i don't smell like a meadow in springtime mixed with sexual repression Sis: hahahahahahahaha ok i'm trying not to laugh out loud me: :) like body glitter and conditioner and sunshine and 19 other things her face was SPARKLY don't wear that crap to work it's gonna distract me "can you help me fix the printer?" "you cheeks look like stars." "...thanks?" Sis: hahaha this is great your cheeks look like stars hahaha me: "i really just wanted you to help me fix the printer." "you smell like a bed i want to wake up in" Sis: oh wow eek me: oh come on, that one was funny :-/ Sis: it is but not innocently funny like the cheeks one me: i think it is i was also debating, "you smell like being at home" i was going for the comfort angle Sis: ah it was more of the comfort/sex angle me: sex = comfort. male mindset Sis: ah me: well Sis: well