Headline Punctuation, And Another Glimpse Into My Deeply Rule-Oriented Psyche

A rerun of "Entourage" the other night featured Eric fretting over a Variety cover story about Vince's deal for Aquaman, which was still in the works. The scene in question had Eric calling Ari to bitch about the story and the angle it took, to which Ari responded that Variety is like a high school newspaper, saying that "they pay their reporters $28,000 a year to write stories about the cool kids." Aside from lowballing the salary a little, the thing that bugged me most was the headline, which read:Chase swims to "Aquaman" It should have read: Chase swims to 'Aquaman' It's style at Variety and THR (and the Los Angeles Times, and many other papers) to use single quotes in headlines, not double quotes. It's a space and cleanliness issue, and it just looks better to have the single quotes in headline-size type. I'm just saying, these things are easy to check, and it never hurt anyone to pay attention to the details. If HBO wanted me, I would work for them in this department, ensuring that the journalism-related props reflect their real-world counterparts. I would do this for free. You know where to reach me.