Review: Rails & Ties

There were only four of us in the theater to see Rails & Ties on a hazy Friday morning in L.A., the town still reeling from fire. But everyone else staggered in during the trailers, meaning that for a long time there, it was just me, sitting quietly in one of the ArcLight's smaller houses and peacefully reading a book. When it was time to start the show, the usher strolled in and saw it was just me, and then solved one of the great and usually unsolvable mysteries of living in L.A., namely: What happens when you're the only one at the ArcLight? Does the usher still give you the speech about who's in the movie and then ask you to silence your phone and inform you that ushers will be monitoring the film throughout for sound and picture quality? I mean, if it's just you, do they still go through the whole act, or do they just drop it and grin at you and tell you to enjoy the show?They do the act. The whole thing. The guy welcomed me to the theater, told me who starred in the movie (though he mispronounced Marcia Gay Harden as Mar-SEE-uh, which was weird), and asked me to turn my phone off and to contact him if I had any problems. I smiled the whole time. The movie sucked. Click here for the review.