Music Video Of The Week — 13

It's always tough to find new artists, by which I mean new to me. Everyone has those artists whose back-catalogs they're slowly building — when I go to Amoeba, I swing through the Jayhawks and Johnny Cash (to name but two) sections out of long-standing habit — but it's often harder to come across someone new whose music really connects with you. I read Paste and No Depression and do my best to try and find good music, but one of the best ways to bring new music into your life is still to have a friend point you toward something. John, fellow blogger and Pajiba staffer, recently steered me in the direction of Christopher Denny, and I'm thankful he did.1 Denny's voice is tremulous and incredible, and his country-based roots-rock mixes singer-songwriter credibility with a sound that could have been B-sides from Gold. He's honest, and sad, and hopeful, and really just a great musician. His debut album, Age Old Hunger, features some stunning tracks — "The Stars Above and My Heart In Your Hands" and the instrumental "Going Home" come to mind — but this is one of the best. Enjoy:"Westbound Train," by Christopher Denny
1. John, if you're reading this, feel free to recommend anything you want in the future.