Things I Wish I Didn't Remember From My Dreams Last Night, And Their Real-World Antecedents

• With the aid of what I assume was some kind of evil posse, I killed several people by shooting them in the head, then had to drag their bodies into the other room. I remember feeling a sinking feeling in my gut when I realized I'd crossed a line and actually murdered someone, and that I would have to answer for it one day, crime- and soul-wise. I dreamed this because I saw American Gangster on Friday, which includes a scene where Denzel Washington's Frank Lucas shoots a guy in the head, point-blank, in the street one sunny morning.• There was some fairly freaky (in many ways) stuff with Diora Baird. This is because I made the cataclysmic mistake of watching part of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning on HBO last night, which is absolutely no way to end your evening. I sat on the end of my bed and listened to Chalk Farm for a few minutes just to calm my brain down. I mean, everyone dies. Everyone. Not even Jordana Brewster, who is pretty clearly supposed to be The Surprisingly Resilient Heroine Who Barely Makes It Out, escapes Leatherface's impossibly sturdy mechanized blade. What is that? What is the point of the movie? Anyway, don't ever watch it, even if it's late at night and you're morbidly curious and you feel certain you'll be able to shake the images of slick young teens being grotted. You won't.