Review: Margot at the Wedding

This is a longer review than usual for me, coming in at around 1,700 words, but I felt it was important to really explain just why Margot at the Wedding isn't good. I mean, I always attempt to do that, but this one required a bit more of a running start at the thesis, and it required me to do some soul-searching about just what constitutes a good film, and what does that look like, and how can that be recognized, and what does it mean for a filmmaker to write terribly depressing movies where virtually every character makes you want to walk quickly out of the theater, shudder in the sudden fall sunshine, and then go off to find something worth living for.I really can't offer any kind of recommendation for this movie. Seeing it will not impact your life in any measurable or positive way. It won't make you like movies more, and it sure won't make you want to take a chance on art house fare. If anything, see it for the reminder of just how great it isn't. Click here for the review. P.S. A reward for anyone who gets the (I think) obscure headline reference. UPDATE: Austin wins. (Well, Mimi over at Pajiba guessed it, too.) The headline is a nod to Patton Oswalt, and here's the clip it derives from. The language is pretty obviously NSFW: