Review: Atonement

Is it really necessary to bark out little immature laughs whenever you see an expletive in print in a movie? Or to titter at something too emotionally complex for you to understand? Really? I expected better, ArcLight crowd. Granted, you weren't as uncouth as those asshats down at the Landmark, but still. I expected better.Anyway, the movie was amazing. Click here for the review. Also: Aaron Mesh over at the Willamette Week disagrees with my take on Atonement. But his review is pretty damn great. It really is. I'm not being at all facetious, either. (And I realize that writing that out only makes me sound like I really am being facetious, but I can't seem to figure out how to break the vicious cycle.) Anyway, we differ on Joe Wright's skill level, but Mesh wrote a pretty wonderful review.