Review: Youth Without Youth

When I was a senior in college, I took a philosophy course that looked at epistemology and social justice. It was a small course, co-taught by two professors but only comprising a dozen or so students. We met in a teachers' lounge. It was a good course, but also had its share of moments that made me wonder just who we were fooling. Perhaps the best example of this is when a girl named Heather — whose face and personality I can no longer remember, and whose name I only recall because I jotted in my notes next to her quote — capped an argument with, "Thus ended the Nietzschian cycle of circular time."Come on. This movie was like two hours of that. You know there's probably something good underneath, and the guy in charge is probably pretty smart, but it still feels a little too much like he's faking his way through the discussion. Click here for the review. P.S. Through a series of scheduling misadventures, I had to sit through this instead of seeing There Will Be Blood. Bad Saturday.