Calling All Guitar Pop

I'm looking for really good guitar pop from the 1990s, and I'm welcoming all suggestions. Perhaps it's because some of it was the soundtrack to my early years of high school — a period notable only for the terrors puberty wreaked on me and the pop music that accompanied those changes. Or it could be a longing for a time when a different kind of music could make the charts. Or maybe it's because I'm at that quarterlife crisis stage where I'm digging through the past we all thought we put down. Whatever it is, I'm looking for as many good guitar-based pop-rock artists or bands that I can find.Here's a rough idea: Gin Blossoms Matthew Sweet Freedy Johnston Eytan Mirsky Counting Crows Fastball Fountains of Wayne The Format Rhett Miller's solo work "Nineteen," "Oppenheimer," and anything from Satellite Rides by Old 97's The Refreshments Weezer's first album The pop(ish) stuff from Wilco's Being There, e.g., "Monday" Does that make sense? I'm looking for any good alternative/pop-rock/pop/rock band you want to throw my way. The bands and artists I've mentioned aren't exhaustive, but more of a general idea of where I want to go. Basically, if you can conceivably imagine Liv Tyler and Rory Cochrane dancing to it on a rooftop, I want to hear it. Nothing is too dumb or cheesy to mention; believe me, you can't embarrass the guy who used to drive around town at 16 while earnestly singing along to every word of Cracked Rear View. Also, I'd like to keep the list somewhat restricted to groups or performers who started their careers or were most prominent during the 1990s. For nostalgia's sake. Okay: Go.