Ghost World: An Online Transcript

Sis: brad renfro diedthat's crazy me: yeah heroin will do that Sis: that sucks he was talented me: i mean, i don't know if a cause of death has been released yet but he was busted a couple years ago for heroin = you know where this is going Sis: right well, my 12-year-old heart is broken me: haha aw Sis: him AND jonathan brandis? if JTT is murdered, i may have to kill myself me: it will be like your middle school self is being tortured Sis: I KNOW me: if devon sawa turns up dead tomorrow, you should call in sick Sis: i wonder what JTT is up to these days ... me: waiting for you Sis: a girl can dream, can't she? me: yep i bet he gets up every day and watches Wild America Sis: ... i remember seeing that in the theater and i owned "Tom & Huck" and "Man of the House" me: i know he was a cute kid your fandom was not wihout merit Sis: i appreciate that ... too bad i had like 400 posters of him in my room me: i had a poster of heidi klum with the nipples digitally erased, which i hadn't noticed when i bought it Sis: i remember that you had it on the back of your door, and you were pissed that the nipples weren't there me: so pissed Sis: i also remember dad not being happy about it the poster not the nipples me: HAHAHA "son, you need to check next time so you get a poster with nipples. don't get taken advantage of" and then we'd hug Sis: "next week, i'll show you how to insert ones into strippers' g-strings" ew me: well, i'll have to get back to you later, right now i have to go drink some bleach Sis: hahahahahaha you. are. welcome. me: [shakes it off] i don't know how i can repay you for that i'll have to think Sis: :) me: emoticon didn't show. i bet it's the "i killed my brother's libido" face Sis: exactly or, a smiley either/or