Reigning In The Pituitary: An Online Transcript

Sis: a headline in tomorrow's life section: "Maybe your friends and family know why you're still single":( me: holy buckets that's depressing "your mom knows why you're a virgin, fatty" Sis: aww me: "maybe you should ask your cousin what's wrong with you" Sis: :( :( me: hehe yeah that was dark Sis: yeah it was yet funny me: that's my wheelhouse funny + things that would actually make you kill yourself if they really happened Sis: haha it works me: "hey, a joke about weirding out your prom date! hilarious! where do you think up this stuff?" "...i don't know" Sis: did you really weird out your prom date? me: not that i know of, but i would totally imagine i did. i had never slow danced with a woman before you can just build out from there Sis: hahaha ok me: :-/ Sis: bless your heart eh, in high school you just stand and sway it's not like you waltz or anything me: oh, that the shame-face emoticon could convey the sheer terror of thin tuxedo slacks and a sophomore with a large chest Sis: oh wow what was her name? jenny? me: wow yes it was jennifer Sis: i'm amazing i remember her face me: she was like 5'9" and had a very slight sway in her two front teeth and was just built to spill and kill in that dress poor jenny hope you're ok, and alive Sis: haha me: now you know why Freaks and Geeks had just massive appeal to me at 17