I Have Never Lied About My Willingness To Fight Dirty


I took the quiz to find out how many 5-year-olds I could take in a fight governed by certain parameters (enclosed space, no weapons, the kids will fight until they die), and 23 seems about right. I'm tall and strong, but also overweight, and have had no martial arts training beyond what I inflicted on my sister in elementary school. Then again, I am also willing to fight dirty, which if you ask me is the only way to fight. A fight isn't a contest to score points for being skilled or honorable; if I was in genuine danger, I would kick an attacker in the nuts, rip off his ears, and go for the eyes. That's just the way it has to be. So of course I'm more than willing to pick up a kid and use him as a club-type weapon in a situation like this one, though after knocking down two dozen of these little buggers, I'd probably be spent. Anyway, to take the quiz and get your total without being harassed to sign up for some spam-based dating site, click right here.