An Unsettling Coincidence

So, while watching what turned out to be the final episode of "Friday Night Lights" produced before the writers' strike, I had a weird moment of previously unachieved connection with the show. The opening scene had Tim Riggins and his brother, Billy, at church, where Tim has started going just so he can get Lyla's attention. (The moral and structural issues of this are for another day.) They're both sitting there, and you see them in this two-shot: I paused the DVR, walked over to the TV, and crouched next to the screen. My roommate, pulled from his book by my actions, looked up at me to see what I was doing. I looked back at him, pointed at the TV, then pointed at myself.

"We're wearing the same shirt," I said. "Me and him. Look." I pointed back and forth to show that not only was (a) Billy wearing a shirt I happened to own, but (b) I was actually wearing it while watching the episode. This of course wasn't planned. I put the shirt on that morning and hadn't really thought about whether some unseen force in the universe might be calling out to me through primetime network programming. But apparently it was.

Here's a screengrab of the scene in question:

fnl-shirt copy

For the curious or disbelieving, I can be seen wearing the shirt in this photo, though I would ask you to keep in mind that I was moderately buzzed when the photo was taken, plus the other guy was a drunk stranger at the bar to promote a movie, and I like interacting with happy drunks. So, be warned.

Anyway: Yeah. I dress like Billy Riggins. If this means I will hook up with the hot neighbor who's raising a young boy and emotionally vulnerable to my scruffy Texas charms, all the better. But I think it just means I like pearl snaps.