Sawyer Is Easily The Most Patient And Controlled Guy On That Island

Well, that's probably a stretch. Let's just say he's doing well under the circumstances. It's not just that Kate keeps (not) screwing with him; it's that he has no other options. She's literally the last woman on Earth for him, and it's not happening.Also, I was really hoping the kid was Kate's, and that she'd had it with Michael. That would have been insane, but you know you'd tune in every week waiting to see how that happened. Click here for the recap. And seriously, I'm amazed at the people who don't watch the show but still for some reason feel the need to comment in the recap threads. A commenter named BWeaves writes, "OK, I haven't been following this, because it just seems like too much effort. What evern [sic] happened to the hobbit?" Well, Dominic Monaghan's character, Charlie, died at the end of the last season, dumbass. If you don't want to watch the show, fine, but what the hell is the point of not watching it and then popping up in the thread and trying to sound relaxed and cool about your ignorance? Also, in other news, I did an Oscar post-mortem over at Pajiba, and for reasons I don't yet understand — probably because I refuse to do more than skim the comments very lightly — it seems to be stirring up trouble with some people. Among the probable offenders are my remarks about Marion Cotillard, in which I say, "She’s French, she made a really moving biopic that no one saw about a singer no one’s heard of, and she’s coincidentally beautiful." The point I'm making is about the type of film the Academy likes to honor, and I'm not really bashing La Vie en Rose, but I stand by my analysis. Edith Piaf isn't Johnny Cash or Ray Charles, or even Jackson Pollock. In the general sense, most American moviegoers don't know who she is, and after keeping track of the awards this season, I still don't. And I'm OK with that. I'm sure I'll see the movie eventually anyway.