The Ducks Are Back

ducks2 Sometime last summer or fall, these ducks arrived at my apartment complex. My apartment's back door opens onto the pool area, so it's pretty easy to stick your head out and see them. My roommate and I aren't entirely sure where the ducks came from; there's a park nearby, which seems likely, though we've never seen any other ducks there. They came for a while, hung out during the day, and then left. We figured they were gone, having flown off to live somewhere else and do whatever ducks do. But the other morning, we heard a persistent quacking and knew they'd returned.


We named them Mr. Fantastic and Ken the Brave. (It made sense, kinda, at the time.) They've been around for the past couple days, having apparently decided that wherever they were wasn't nearly exciting as our part of the Valley. I threw them some bread crusts the other day to the consternation of my roommate, who likes having them around but hates the quacking. Sorry, man. Besides, they'll probably take off again before too long.