Like The Man Said: It's Judd Apatow's World, And We're A Better Place For It

I attended the Paleyfest panel last night called "The Comedy World of Judd Apatow and Friends," which despite the vaguely dopey title was a fantastic, hilarious evening. Plus I got my picture taken with Paul Feig. When the panel ended, collectors made a controlled rush for the stage to get things autographed — you would not believe the way some of these bring a Buffalo Bill-level of fervor to collecting autographs — but I headed for the man in the brown suit, dapper and amiable and looking like the nicest math teacher you will ever have. It wasn't that I was overly starstruck, but I couldn't figure out how to thank him without running through every cliche in the book: I'm a big fan, I loved the show, etc. How do you tell someone that the story they made hit you in a place that's indescribably important? And that their work in a way made that place possible within you?Anyway, I had a good time. Click here for the full write-up.