Cue The Berlin For The Last Time: An Online Transcript

Sis: layoffs at work? that sucksme: yep we lost several, including GTHM Sis: oh wow that sucks for them me: but GTHM her bringing me my xeroxes of the day's dummies was always among the 3 best parts of EVERY DAY Sis: who will you pine for now? me: I HAVE NO IDEA Sis: sad times me: oh GTHM let me comfort thee Sis: well, how is everything else going? me: i'm also struggling against the cold and mighty wind of despair that's sweeping through my heart and leaving me a lost and wandering man now that GTHM and i are no more to be together Sis: wow she's engaged me: no man's cheap metal can purchase the heart of the woman for whom i have so long striven Sis: haha touche me: for on the day that i consign my love to the abyss like some fairweather maiden — on that day, i shall no more be a man than the lad who has yet to know the touch of a woman as such as GTHM [gets shakespearean in his delirium] Sis: hehe me: FIE UPON THEE, WINDS OF FATE THAT HAVE SWEPT UP MY LOVE SO