Calling All Angelenos (But Really Just The Ones Who Read)

I'm looking for a good used book store. I had my pick of them in major Texas cities, but I'm having a tougher time finding them out here, and when I do come across one it's usually overpriced and really just there to sell antique coffee table books that Westsiders buy so they can beat off over them and think about how cool they are.So I need help. I'm looking for places to buy used books. It doesn't matter how big the store is, I just want it to be a good one. I used to live in Glendale, and remember going to a couple places down on either Central or Brand (it's been a few years). I also try and swing by the Iliad when I can, though its Cahuenga store can't live up to its old Vineland digs. Also, I live in Sherman Oaks, so it'd be nice to hear of some places in my corner of the Valley or in Hollywood/West Hollywood, since that's where I work, but I'm willing to make a longer journey if the place is worth it. OK. Help me out.