An Olympic Double-Header

First up, over at the Willamette Week, I take a look at the tribute to bloated pomp that is the Olympics. It's basically 17 days of sports smothered by horribly cloying human-interest stories.Click here for the piece. Second, touching on a subject I only glanced upon in the column, I can't get over how much the viewing public is willing to put aside in re: China's wild abuses of human rights in order to pretend to give a shit about Michael Phelps. In the spirit of that, here's an online transcript: slackeer33: (sends link) sad me: lame plus some of the fireworks were digitally done for home viewers slackeer33: whaaaaat me: (sends link) slackeer33: "this is actually almost animation" hahaha me: yeah lame slackeer33: china is just ridiculous me: yeah fake fireworks, oppression, human rights abuses, trying to make it rain slackeer33: i liked how they opening ceremonies highlighted environmental responsibility and all that harmony and concern for future generation stuff. yeah. ok, china. me: haha yes harmony IN FIERCE ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR GOVERNMENT slackeer33: haha yeah we kept joking during the gymnastics about how the mistakes would cost them a lot more than just a low score "i have shamed my family. i will have to throw myself to my death promptly after completion of this rotation." me: now that i would tune in for