Just Because We're Trying To Nominally Change Politics For The Better Doesn't Mean We Can't, You Know, Cruise For Trim

dnchall.pngThis week is the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and I'll be following the action on all the same old sites and stations, as well as Facebook updates from my friend, former classmate, and inevitable award-recipient Paul. But I think we should all take a minute to reflect on the profound absurdity, sadness, and predictability that the casual encounters section of Denver's Craigslist page is already blowing up with horny conventioneers looking to go all Carcetti with whoever's in town. A lot of the ads are m4w, and quite a few are the extreme postings that will either be deleted by site admins or wind up leading some poor girl into a world of terror in a shady Days Inn. (Easily the most disturbing of these so far is the post titled "RE: DNC GANG BANG SLUT," which reads: "Hey guys. I am a straight guy here. If you actually have a Hotel room and are planning to use the 'DNC GANG BANG SLUT' that has already posted, I would appreciate if you let me know where you plan on using her. What's one more gonna hurt? Thanks." I'm too terrified to do anything but gape at the screen.) So, there you go. Another important election at the crossroads of generational and cultural conflict, and the beginning of the end of a season that could finally see a referendum on the attitude of divisive pigheadedness that's been running rampant, but hey, let's get laid and maybe kidnap some ladies, too. I'm still a little too weirded out to draw conclusions, but I don't think I want to.