Review: Traitor

The movie's pretty dull, so here instead is my completely disturbing dream from last night:I was in a mall, and it wasn't too crowded. Some of my coworkers were there, I think, but I remember my boss was there for sure. Something went wrong, and I had to tackle a guy who was bad in that dream way where you just know someone is good or bad. He was lanky, late 50s, white, shaved head. I tackled him and put him on the ground, chest down, then bent his arm back and sat on his hips, pinning him. "Get your c**ting hands off me!" he screamed, which is really coarse and just bizarre, like something Stephen King would write. I lifted the man's head and said, "That's rude." He yelled the word again, so I shoved the head forward, sending it slamming into the ground. Blood sprayed. My boss laughed. So, that brief glimpse into a cluttered mind, uncomfortable as it was, was still more fun than seeing Traitor, which is dull and uneventful. That said: Click here for the review.