Plus There Were Typewriters: An Online Transcript

me: there's one of these next to my office on the sidewalk:(sends link) Sis: nice me: yeah kind of a cool jab at, you know, change i mean, the business sucks right now, completely still, nice to see someone keep swinging Sis: seriously me: like, watching Wire 5 makes me want to be a reporter, but an old one 30 years ago some old guy who won't even use a fax machine Sis: right, totally it makes you sad that you missed the boat me: yeah work some small-town rag, know everyone at the hall, flirt with secretaries, where's my hat janet i've got a meeting Sis: :) me: "you tell the mayor he can put an egg in his shoe and beat it! we've got the exclusive!" [goes maybe a little overboard] Sis: hehe i want to work at your newsroom me: we don't have a lot of dolls, but if you're thick skinned enough, we could use you Sis: ok i promise i won't get my skirt in a knot me: do it and you're out on your keyster