Plus He Probably Smells Good: An Online Transcript

obamasurf.jpgSis: welp me: yep i like obama so much i wanna name my kid barack Sis: :) i bet there will be kids named barack starting soon me: i bet if you say the name barack 3 times a pony appears and takes you on a ride in the sky Sis: ooh ooh ooh try it! me: i can't type right now, MY PONY JUST ARRIVED Sis: OH WOW I'M SO JEALOUS me: i bet if you whisper barack's name to a tree it sprouts fruit Sis: haha if you sing barack's name facing the sky, will it rain? me: it'll rain gumdrops! Sis: wow! me: if you say barack's name in the shower it gets rid of any lime or mildew stains Sis: if you write barack's name on a slip of paper and leave it under your pillow at night, you'll wake up 5 years younger me: i have to try that! if you get a puppy and name it barack, it will never die Sis: [changes bama's name to barack] if you chant barack's name while taking 10 steps backward, then jump in the air and yell "change!," a genie will appear to grant you three wishes. me: if you think barack's name underwater, you can hold your breath for up to an hour Sis: if you stare at your reflection in the mirror, without blinking, and repeat barack's name five times, your eyesight will correct itself me: if you say barack's name while doing laundry, all your stains come right out ... basically, barack's name is possessed of many talismanic qualities Sis: it appears that way [The Sis and I have also spoken about related matters.]