Fill My Queue: An Open Poll

netflix-7.jpgMy Netflix queue has close to 200 titles just sitting in it, but most of them are your basic fillers, those films that look mildly or even more than a little interesting but that only make it to the queue because otherwise you'd forget about them completely. I've got some stuff on there that I'm excited about, yes, but most of it's not that thrilling. So I'm asking the literally sevens of people who read this blog to give me any and all ideas for movies or TV shows I should see. A handy list of almost every movie I've ever seen can be found here. Okay. Let me hear it. UPDATE: These suggestions are all great, and also helpful reminders of things I've actually left of the master list. (Like Punch-Drunk Love, which I actually own, and Real Genius, which is classic for so many reasons, from the boy who looks like Sarah Jessica Parker to the ending strains of Tears for Fears.) My Netflix queue is about to swell to epic proportions, but it's gonna be worth it.