Why The Latest Star Trek Trailer Works

"Star Trek" and its multiple television and filmic entities have always been completely lame. It's amazing that a fictional universe with so many supposedly warring civilizations hasn't been able to drum up a single interesting conflict aside from the one Nicholas Meyer drummed up for The Wrath of Khan. There are no good villains or epic battles; it's just a lot of people driving around and classifying new planets and avoiding rock monsters. There's not much interpersonal conflict, the action is boring, problems are easily solved, and the only costs ever paid in service to exploration come from nameless red-shirted ensigns.The series and its inhabitants are interminably dull, and it looks like J.J. Abrams is out to change that. The film aims to be a reboot of the story, a kind of new Genesis that runs parallel to the other works, which is something not usually attempted outside of comic book adaptations. Granted, this is still just a trailer, but it makes me use a word I've never before applied to the franchise: exciting. Here it is: