Review: Doubt

I told my sister I toyed with the idea of writing this review as if I worked for a trade; you know, full of phrases like "There's no doubt about this winning cast!" or whatever. She wisely advised against it.Also, two things I couldn't find a place for in the review: 1. Director John Patrick Shanley and cinematographer Roger Deakins make great use of oblique angles during scenes in which central characters find themselves shifting their views or beliefs. When Flynn pleads his innocence to Sister James, the reversals are done in a close-up, canted angle, shot from below. It happens a few other times, too, and it's a nice touch. 2. Shanley hasn't directed a film since Joe Versus the Volcano. This is kind of too weird to think about for any period of time. Anyway, the movie's good. Click here for the review.