Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Kind of a letdown.Click here for the review. UPDATE: As a dog returns to its vomit, so too can irascible commenters be counted on to deliver the crazy goods. Today's dumb comment comes from "danielle," who asks in the thread of my review, "do you guys like ANYTHING? i mean, really. or rather, do you like anything that isn't some indie filled with has-been actors or newbies?" (All capitalizations and questionable phrasings are obviously sic.) But the answer is: Yes. Of course. This has been a relatively weak year for film, and though one of my favorites was indeed an indie filled with a fantastic actor that uninformed people might refer to as a "has-been," I've also enjoyed quite a few mainstream flicks. I can only assume that "danielle" is a new reader who hasn't had time to realize this, or that on the given weekends I gave glowing reviews to major Hollywood fare, her head was lodged too firmly inside her buttocks to prevent her from reading the reviews. In any case, here once again are links to movies I loved this year: Forgetting Sarah Marshall The Visitor WALL-E The Dark Knight Slumdog Millionaire Frost/Nixon QED.