Or At Least Two Shirts On The Same Hanger: An Online Transcript

me: i watched Milk last nightSis: ooh, how was it? me: good it's tough to watch a hyped movie in awards season, especially when peter travers' masturbatory blurbs are everywhere e.g. "i would murder my firstborn if he didn't love this movie" but it's good Sis: haha me: it's tough b/c it's stuck between biopic and character study. they try to cover so many years that some of the action is a little blurry and disconnected, but the final year is pretty grounded and also, less gay than Brokeback Sis: less gay?! ;) me: you see dudes kissing, and resting in bed, and even kind of fooling around, but no one ever really takes anyone from behind and dammit i want to see dudes getting it on Sis: hahahaha i just burst out laughing at that me: "i didn't come here for this impressionistic shit! LET'S SEE SOME ACTION" Sis: hehe