Your Twitter Fictional Character Round-Up

"Battlestar Galactica"Hera Chief Sam Gaeta Brother Cavil Caprica Six Col. Tigh Natalie Six The Final Cylon (also here by name) Tory Adm. Adama Laura Roslin Tom Zarek Gaius Baltar The Hybrid Leoben Starbuck D'Anna Apollo "Firefly" Mal Reynolds Zoe Kaylee The man they call Jayne Inara River Simon Wash Shepherd Book Mr. Universe "The West Wing" Toby Ainsley Donna Sam CJ Bartlet Josh "Friday Night Lights" Saracen Riggins And I have only scratched the surface. (There are, for instance, accounts for a lot of "Mad Men" characters, which caused a bit of a scuffle last fall.) This kind of phenomenon needs to be talked about, or at least used as fodder for graduate research.