I Smell Spinoff: An Online Transcript

Halbey: if leoben and bin linus are in a room playing pokerwhat happens Me: zero sum game. constant bluffing assures that no one will ever take the entire pot Halbey: i'd watch that one-act play Me: kate and starbuck in a crazy-off. who wins? Halbey: starbuck we don't even know if she's a human being that's how crazy she is kate can fight to survive or whatever but kara doesn't give a frak plus she is the only possibly nonhuman alcoholic i've heard of besides tigh i guess plus kate is stringing along two already-messed up guys in jack and sawyer. i guess she did get that one guy killed. but starbuck is leading along the son of adama and also the caprican equivalent of lebron james i think your crazy quota has to be higher to pull that off jack v lee in a "grim face bc i have the weight of the world on my shoulders" stareoff Me: hmm jack, but barely. he's had to be the leader, whereas lee keeps finding ways to be no. 2 Halbey: who felt worse about their infidelity Me: jack lee was always starbuck's bitch Halbey: boy that's the truth. i think jack also regrets his prostitution experiment more too. wasn't bai ling a hooker?