Things That I Am Giving Up For Lent

• Sleeping until 1 p.m. when 12:30 p.m. is perfectly acceptable. Be more proactive!• Drinking three nights a week. Come on, you never want to be hungover for work. Two nights a week won't kill me. (Be strong on this one!) • Using my turn signal when there's no one there. It wastes electricity, and I think we should be good stewards of our environmental resources. • Washing underwear more than once a month. Again, this goes back to wastefulness, which is something I think we can all do our part to help reduce. Together we can do it guys! • Paying attention when people talk to me. I need to do more for myself or I'll never feel like I'm centered, you know? • Reading the news. It changes every day, and people tend to tell me when something happens that affects my life. Plus this will give me more time for reading for pleasure (currently on the nightstand: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan NO SPOILERS PLZ!!). • Dogmatic Catholicism.