You Get What You Need

A great wrap for the first 13 episodes, and a packed set-up for the rest of the season. I'm already looking forward to the show's return in April."Glee" 1x13: "Sectionals" Incidentally, this is how bad the crop is with the local Fox affiliate. The show's masked in widescreen so people like me, with old-school tube TVs, can see the whole thing. But the Fox network here broadcasts it in full-frame. You can actually see it snap from widescreen to full-frame at the beginning of the episode, so the sides of the picture are cut off. Every week. It happens with other shows, too, but I don't watch Fox that often. This is annoying, and I know that I'm probably one of the few who notice it, but I don't like having to watch a show where people have conversations with characters who have been cut almost entirely out of the frame. I guess I'll have to wait until I get the DVDs to really experience the show. Thanks, Fox 26, for sucking so consistently: gleescreencap%20-%20Copy.jpg