Smart, Thuggish, Movie-Mad, Trivia-Crazed: Or, How I Spent My Week At The South By Southwest Film Festival

sxsw_2010.jpg I recently got home from my second South by Southwest Film Festival. The fest also includes components for music and interactive, but since I am not in a band and don't design apps, I stick with movies. It was a busy, crazy, fun week, and I saw a decent selection of films, some better than others. I'll have reviews of some at Pajiba and The Hollywood Reporter in the coming days and weeks, but for now, here's a round-up of the posts I did for THR. I'm much happier with my THR coverage this year than I was last year, mainly because last year I had to file my copy to a territorial and obtuse reporter who rewrote my blog posts to fit his pedantic, first-person-plural, generally awful tone. But he's since moved on, and the staffer I worked with this year was encouraging and fun and respectful of the fact that my stuff sounds like me, and shouldn't be changed to sound like someone else.

Kick-Ass Tucker and Dale vs. Evil The People vs. George Lucas Predators Cyrus (includes, as a bonus, an awkward interview) MacGruber Reflections on SXSW