Racism As Capitalist Enterprise: An Online Transcript

Well, shit. I was gonna name my new band A Pack of N**gers but now people will just think I'm copying Mel Gibson. Thanks a LOT, Mel.Thu Jul 01 20:27:36 via web

@danielwcarlson you should still put out your debut single "I'm Going To Blow The Fucking House Down (But You Will Blow Me First)"Thu Jul 01 20:29:02 via TwitterGadget

@danielwcarlson I envision it as kind of a George Jones/Tammy Wynette number.Thu Jul 01 20:30:18 via TwitterGadget

@MattSpringer I'll probably stick with the album title "World War Jew" though. Still, back to the drawing board for the band name,Thu Jul 01 20:31:53 via web

@danielwcarlson yeah, makes sense. fits with the other lead-off single "Your Love and the Holocaust Never Happened"Thu Jul 01 20:32:38 via TwitterGadget

@MattSpringer I thought that was a Ray Stevens song.Thu Jul 01 20:33:22 via web

@danielwcarlson aaand...scene! brilliant.Thu Jul 01 20:33:42 via TwitterGadget