Talking TV

I went to the Austin Film Festival last weekend for a one-day trip on behalf of Indiewire to interview Chris Carter ("The X-Files") and Kyle Killen ("Lone Star," "Awake") about the state of the TV industry. Carter was cool but cagey, while Killen was looser and more open. Both interviews went well, though, because they weren't at the fest to hawk any particular product. One of the reasons I don't like junkets or roundtables is that you're only there to act as a mouthpiece for a studio, or network, or a passel of energetic PR people. You won't be able to get any truth out of the people you're interviewing because their job is to promote their latest venture. Away from the grind of a press tour, though, you can usually get better quotes.

Interview: Chris Carter

Interview: Kyle Killen