The Most Rewatchable Films of 2012

Heartlights. I wrote a while back about rewatchability, and the difference between great movies and those you want to spend more time with. Over at Pajiba, the staff voted on the titles we considered to be the most rewatchable of the year. I think awards and wrap-up lists are usually pointless, but the goal of this one is totally different, and rather than a ranked order of 10 films, I feel like we've come up with 10 solid picks that are only numbered out of formality. In other words, the ranking reflects a title's popularity among us, not a declaration of worth.

My list is slightly different than the staff-sourced consensus, but not by much. Here's what I had:

1. Moonrise Kingdom 2. Goon 3. John Carter 4. Lockout 5. 21 Jump Street 6. Looper 7. Wreck-It Ralph 8. The Avengers 9. Safety Not Guaranteed 10. Fat Kid Rules the World

It's a solid list. Click here for the full thing.