One of the reasons I love subscribing to The Listserve is the opportunity it gives me to realize that everyone, everywhere, usually wants the same thing: to connect. Signing up at the site means getting a daily email penned by one of the subscribers, chosen via random lottery, so every day you and a few thousand other people get a note from someone you don't know about a topic of their choosing. Most people write about life choices and crossroads and trying to sort their needs from their wants, but everyone's story usually hinges on the idea of connection. We write and read these things in the hope that someone out there recognizes their weaknesses in ours, that they see in our struggles a hope that theirs might succeed. People's personal emails aren't used in the letters, yet so many of the writers still opt to include their contact information because they genuinely want responses, questions, comments, or just a chance to keep the conversation going. Some of the letters are better than others, and sometimes I'm not in the mood to read them, but that's why they're there. Every day, a reminder that we all spend our lives looking for ways to connect, and that finding those connections is often easier than we think.