My Literary Year in Review, 2018

Here's a look at the books I read in 2018 (as well as the audiobooks I listened to). Favorites are starred:

Children of Time, Adrian Tchaikovsky (2015)

*The Power, Naomi Alderman (2017)

The Watchers, Jon Steele (2012)

*The Outsider, Stephen King (2018) (audio)

The Grove, John Rector (2010) (audio)

*The Moonflower Vine, Jetta Carleton (1962) (audio)

IQ, Joe Ide (2017)

Iā€™m Thinking of Ending Things, Iain Reid (2016)

Straight Man, Richard Russo (1997) (audio)

*The Nix, Nathan Hill (2016)

*Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen (2016) (audio)

*The Gargoyle, Andrew Davidson (2008)

*The Throwback Special, Chris Bachelder (2016)

Neverworld Wake, Marisha Pessl (2018)

*The Hike, Drew Magary (2016)