Breaking Bad

No, the Breaking Bad Finale Was Not a Dream Sequence

breaking-bad-walt-finale Some people — a couple, anyway — are running with the idea that most of the final episode of Breaking Bad was a hallucination. Look, if we're just going to start making things up without any evidence to support our claims, criticism is going to get pretty messy.

No, the Breaking Bad Finale Was Not a Dream Sequence

UPDATE: This piece also ran at Salon.

It's Gonna Be Custer's Last Stand

Another solid episode. "Breaking Bad" is deceptively good at pacing, and probably better at it than any other drama airing today. Episodes feel neither rushed nor padded, and each hour blends perfectly into the next. When I binged on the first three seasons last summer, I didn't get that headachey buzz that often comes with watching a serialized drama in a marathon, where you can't keep track of the loose threads and you get tired at having basic information repeated to you every hour or two. (Most shows keep dropping bookmarks so you can remember them week to week.) "Breaking Bad" feels novelistic, cinematic, like a giant story that will work just as well as 60-part miniseries as it does a weekly drama. Such a damn good show.

"Breaking Bad" 5x3: "Hazard Pay"